wine cruise to europe

1. AMA Waterways 2018 Wine Cruise

AMA Waterways European river cruises offer a luxury, floating hotel that takes you into the heart of multiple cities and towns and excursions that immerse you in the culture.

Now, you can add a unique epicurean dimension and experience an exceptional journey through Europe’s most illustrious winegrowing regions. Choose from spectacular itineraries such as:

  • Taste of Bordeaux (roundtrip Bordeaux) with Paris and the Loire Valley
  • Colors of Provence (Arles to Lyon or reverse) with extra time in Paris & Barcelona
  • Romantic Danube (Vilshofen to Budapest) with Prague
  • Europe’s Rivers & Castles (Nuremberg to Luxembourg) with Prague or Paris
  • Melodies of the Danube (Budapest to Vilshofen) with Munich
  • Enchanting Rhine (Basel to Amsterdam) with Zurich & Lucerne
  • Rhine & Moselle Splendors (Luxembourg to Basel) with Paris or Zurich

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